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Where is D6 Louisville being held?

Where is D6 Louisville being held?
D6 Louisville is being held at the Galt House Hotel & Suites in Louisville, KY. Click the link below for directions.
Galt House Hotel & Suites
140 N 4th St.
Louisville, KY 40202 | map

What is the difference between D6 Dallas and D6 Louisville?

D6 Dallas is a ONE DAY + event. There will be a kickoff session on Thursday night with a full day of main stage and breakout programming the next day. Add-on options will also be available for D6 Dallas as well.

What does my registration include?

D6 Louisville registration includes entry to the Main Event, Breakouts, a D6 program magazine, a bag full of cool stuff, lanyard, and name badge. The registration price does not include lodging, transportation, or meals (besides lunch). The Coaching Intensives are an optional add-on to the Main Event.

What are D6 Coaching Intensives?

Coaching Intensives offer a more intimate training setting for attendees and church staff members as they spend time in a small-group with a leading advocate of family ministry. Each speaker will spend several hours with up to 20 people in a small-group setting unpacking some of the how-tos of ministry as well as answering questions specific to the attendees’ particular situation.

How do I register for a D6 Coaching Intensive?

You can register for these sessions (available soon) by logging back into your completed registration page. Availability of these exclusive meetings is limited.

Do I need to register for particular Labs/Breakouts?

You do not have to register for your specific breakouts, labs, or tracks in advance. The Labs are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and you can choose which one you want to attend on-site. (NOTICE: If you opt for a Coaching Intensive, you do have to select a specific coach).

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