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Play a game to help kids see that even though we have Christian liberty, rules are meant to help us get along.

Choose a game to play (board game or even a game such as hide and seek or tag). Choose one person to be the “rule-maker” who will share the rules of the game before playing it. Halfway through the game, change the rules and watch as things get chaotic.

Why is it better to follow the rules? (It helps us get along; we all know what to expect; etc.)

I could make up my own rules for the game, but usually that leads to confusion and disagreements. Things will usually go smoother if we all follow the rules. Rules are guidelines to help us get along.

What Could Happen If…

While driving, talk about our freedom to do what we want.

What might happen if I run this red light?
What might happen if I choose to ignore this STOP sign?
What might happen if I go 120 miles an hour?

We are not free to do what we want if it could hurt others. We are free to obey the laws/rules so we can all be safe. As Christians, we are free to obey God’s laws so we will not hurt others with our actions.

Instead of This…Do That

Elementary students using D6 Curriculum learned four things to do when we disagree with others.

1. Instead of excluding, accept one another
2. Instead of arguing, try to get along with others.
3. Instead of criticizing, look for the good in others.
4. Instead of judging, love others.

Ask kids to come up with a skit about each of these. (For example: For accepting one another, the kids could first exclude someone from a game, but then agree to let them play.)

If we could do these four things, we would be able to get along with others better.

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