D6 Conference Announcement

D6 Conference Moving Forward in Spring 2021

How many changes can we attribute to COVID-19? I am sure you realize the senior class of 2020 was born in the shadows of 9/11, the worst terrorist attack on our country, and now has graduated in the worst modern-day pandemic. Watershed moments like the virus disrupt, and yet they also develop us. I’ve heard fantastic stories of ministry during this odd time. The Church and pastors will emerge stronger than ever because it’s in the midst of difficulties that we experience the hand of God.

All of our calendars have been affected by COVID-19. The economic hit has dramatically impacted the hospitality industry. We are not the only ones navigating decisions of whether to meet in person during this time. Some of us have cabin fever, others are caregivers and must be careful, and still others take an even more cautious approach. Our conference site—The Orlando World Center Marriott—closed for weeks and operated on a skeleton sales staff, making communication slow.

The science of evaluating the willingness of attendees to get on planes, stay in hotels, and be in a large social environment is as inexact as the predictors of COVID-19 itself. D6 is contractually obligated to the hotel and conference center, but we know our attendees trust us not only for the best content but also a safe environment. These concerns coupled with a reduced seating capacity made a fall conference impossible. However, we have moved the Orlando conference to the spring—same city, same hotel and conference center, April 7-9, 2021. It would not be prudent to hold a second conference in 2021 so an unexpected by-product of COVID-19 is that the D6 Conference resets to spring moving forward.

To summarize:

  • The fall 2020 D6 Conference has moved to spring 2021.
  • We have asked our 2020 speakers to move their commitments to 2021.
  • Because of COVID, D6 will become a spring conference moving forward.