Jason Byerly

Jason Byerly

Jason serves as the lead children’s pastor at Southland Christian Church and is the author of God’s Big Adventure. Jason also hosts the Simple Kidmin podcast for Children’s Ministry leaders and weekly devotions for families at JasonByerly.com.

Coaching Topics

Building a Children’s Ministry facility that speaks to kids.

In this coaching session we can talk about how to build a Children’s Ministry that kids absolutely love. We can discuss everything from how to tweak your facility to make it more kid-friendly, to how to coach your leaders and teachers so they can speak a kid’s language and help them grow closer to Jesus. We will start where you’re at and figure out baby steps to move your ministry forward.

Building bridges between church and home to offer family experiences of growing together.

In this coaching session we can talk about how to build bridges between church and home by casting vision, building trust, and offering strategic family experiences and resources that can help families grow together. We will also take a look at how to tweak what you’re currently doing so it slants the floor toward family discipleship without adding new programs.