Jim Putman

Jim Putman

Jim Putman is the co-founder and senior pastor of Real Life Ministries in Post Falls, Idaho. Jim holds degrees from Boise State University and Boise Bible College. He is the author of three books: Church Is a Team Sport, Real-Life Discipleship, and The Power of Together, and co-author of DiscipleShift and Hope For The Prodigal. Jim’s passion is discipleship through small groups. He and his wife, along with their three sons, daughters-in-law, and four grandchildren, live in scenic North Idaho.

Coaching Topics

Learning to help families of prodigals.

Having been a prodigal myself, and also the father of a prodigal, I can address many of the struggles common to families dealing with a prodigal family member. Learn how to help families of prodigals or how you can better deal with a prodigal situation.

Raising up disciples in church leadership.

Having been a senior pastor at a large church for 20 years, I enjoy coaching others in many areas of church leadership—from how to raise up disciples and get them involved in ministry, to aligning your ministries church-wide around the core of discipleship. We can discuss all aspects of leadership. I will share how to determine the spiritual growth stage of your potential leader, how to help them discover their individual role in the body, and then how to coach them toward that role.