Kandi Gallaty

Kandi Gallaty

Kandi Gallaty has been investing in the lives of women for over a decade. She believes there are three major sources to draw from when investing in the lives of others: God’s Word, God’s work in one’s life, and God’s Spirit. She is passionate about teaching women how to steward the life experiences and lessons God has allowed in their life. Kandi and her husband Robby live in Nashville, Tennessee and are the proud parents of two boys: Rig and Ryder.

Coaching Topics

Practical tips and suggestions for discipling women.

Women’s discipleship affects so many areas of people’s lives. I enjoy coaching on women’s discipleship and offering practical suggestions and tips on how to follow through in discipling others.

Coaching for a pastor’s wife from a pastor’s wife.

Being a pastor’s wife for 15 years and having served in three different contexts, I have learned a lot. I love to offer support or a listening ear to a pastor’s wife and her challenges.