Kim Botto

Kim Botto

Kim Botto leads Kids’ Club and student ministry and initiatives around vulnerable kids at Crossroads, a church with locations in Kentucky and Ohio. As an adoptive mom she knows the joys and challenges from a parent’s perspective, as well as from the perspective of those supporting families caring for vulnerable kids. Kim’s passion is supporting parents as they build healthy, thriving families and helping churches welcome all kids and their families, especially the most challenging ones.

Coaching Topics

Developing next steps to create a welcoming environment for families and kids with unique needs.

Creating a kids’ ministry where all kids, including those with unique needs, have fun, feel safe, and can participate as fully as they are able. Bring your unique needs and together we will come up with specific next steps to create a welcoming environment for families with kids with unique needs.

Building teams to support adoptive and foster families.

Let’s identify the current needs in your ministry and develop a plan to best welcome and support families who are parenting kids thru adoption or foster care.