Leneita Fix

Leneita Fix

Leneita Fix has a ministry career of 27 years spent in urban, suburban, and rural family-based ministry. Her responsibilities have included Bible-based program and ministry direction for children ages 5-18, family ministry, parent ministry, authoring several books including, The Beautiful Chaos of Parenting Teens, leadership training, discipleship, resource creation, and speaking to national audiences. Her greatest joy is serving with her husband, four children, and grandson in the inner city.

Coaching Topics

Coaching churches on ministering to urban families.

Do you have opportunities to minister to urban families? My expertise has been working with families in areas of the country living at risk. Not all families fit a “traditional model.” Do families who are cohabitating, single-parenting, or are a blending of two or more families appear on the radar of your church? Let’s discuss what you can do to help your teachers and leaders think more about the needs in urban ministry.

Tips on discipling your children to develop a countercultural perspective toward Christ.

Growing your children in today’s culture with a countercultural perspective toward Christ can be hard. How do we raise students without fear in this difficult society that is filled with so many issues? How do we help specifically guide kids within our church through the pre-teen through young adult years to be servants in a world that can be so self-focused?

Examining Generation Z and their challenges.

Generation Z is a complicated generation. As this generation emerges from high school and college, is your church better prepared to minister to them than most churches were to the Millennials? We can examine Generation Z’s anxiety, overextended schedules, screen time, and challenges in light of new approaches to reach youth.