Michele White

Michele White

Dr. Michele White is a psychologist and counselor. She has been providing marriage and family counseling for over 20 years. In her book, Against The Grain: Raising Christ-Focused Children From A to Z, she combines her professional knowledge and her personal experiences to bring parents a guide they can really use.

Coaching Topics

Assisting parents as they help their children become Christ-focused amidst our current culture.

I wrote a book that assists parents in helping their children become Christ focused. In the coaching session, I answer more detailed questions about navigating our current culture while simultaneously pointing them to Christ

Effective and Godly communication in marriage and building a strong, lasting marriage.

My husband and I have been the marriage and family directors at our church for almost 20 years. In addition, I provide marriage counseling to many broken couples. These coaching sessions can be focused on effective and Godly communication, the importance of dating while married, developing a strong individual walk with Christ, and then sharing that in marriage, Bible study techniques as a couple.