Robert Beeson

Robert Beeson

Robert Beeson is a Grammy award-winning founder of Essential Records and former SVP of Sony / Provident. In 2006 his wife walked out leaving him to raise his three daughters on his own for eight years. The unexpected “God factor” of this journey reframed his understanding of every aspect of life. Robert draws on his solo season as a single parent in authoring a Focus on the Family book called GOING SOLO. In 2017 he started Solo Parent Society to unify, equip and empower single parents.

Coaching Topics

Methods to implement programs to reach and minister to single parents.

I coach on methods to implement specific messaging and programs to reach single parents. Thirty-four percent of US homes are single-parented homes and studies reveal 67% of single parents don’t attend church for two primary reasons: they feel judged and they feel like they don’t belong. It doesn’t require a massive shift from what is already being done to reach these families—it requires being deliberate in language/messaging and publically identifying these households.

Empower parents to create a greater sense of belonging in a fractured family.

I will coach on the value of getting parents to see the interest of their children above their own wounds and how to empower parents to create a greater sense of belonging in a fractured, and sometimes an expanded, family. Co-parenting and prodigal issues can also be discussed.