Terrace Crawford

Terrace Crawford

Terrace Crawford is an entrepreneur, youth worker-at large, with an affinity for Social Media, and founder of several brands, including Better Man University, MinistryDownloads.com and Social Entourage. Crawford, named as one of the Top 100 Christian Leaders to Follow on Twitter, serves church leaders (particularly youth workers) through his blog, and his weekly podcast, This Week in Youth Ministry.

Coaching Topics

Coaching ministry leaders to evaluate and improve their online/social footprint.

I help leaders and churches evaluate and improve their online/social footprint—providing helps and insights into various areas: including social presence, marketing, and engagement.

Coaching youth workers with practical solutions and resources.

I have been coaching youth workers for over 10 years one-to-one and in a network setting. I will be drawing on this experience and take time to listen to the needs of those needing counsel and do my best to offer solutions and resources.