D6 EveryDay offers the new @Home Bundle option so you can equip your families to do discipleship in their own homes. The same great D6 EveryDay resources, but bundled to fit your family.

For about the cost of a Chick-fil-a meal you can resource a family for discipleship at home! Here’s how…

Each D6 EveryDay @Home Bundle includes:

  • One devotional magazine for each person in the family appropriate to their ages (your choice of print or digital – digital devotion magazines are accessed in the D6Family app)
  • One digital teaching guide (based on the youngest family member, or in-between the two youngest)

Pricing Per Family Size – Free Shipping on all @Home Bundles (in the contiguous United States)

  • 2 people – $12
  • 3 people – $18
  • 4 people – $24
  • 5 people – $30
  • 6 people – $36

There are three ways to order D6 EveryDay @Home Bundles:

1) Individual Families can order for themselves.

2) Churches can order for their families and have the bundles shipped directly to their homes.

3) Churches can order for their families and have the labeled, pre-packaged bundles delivers to the Church address for distribution.

Please call 1-800-877-7030, or email orders@randallhouse.com to order.
Schedule – @Home Bundles are dated quarterly resources that align with D6 Curriculum. Please note the shipping schedule when ordering At Home Bundles:
  • October 10 – January 9 shipping Winter Quarter (December – February)
  • January 10 – April 9 shipping Spring Quarter (March – May)
  • April 10 – July 9 shipping Summer Quarter (June – August)
  • July 10 – October 9 shipping Fall Quarter (September – November)  

If you would like information about digital availablility, have any questions, or need further assistance, use the chat box below, call 1-800-877-7030, or email orders@randallhouse.com.