A Resource that Saves You Time

When you join the D6 Leader Network we immediately make your life easier. We help you with your weekly event, teacher training, family ministry, parent helps, and your own personal ministry training.


Media Vault

As a D6 Leader Network Member, you’ll receive access to the D6 Media Vault. Updated monthly, it includes main stage talks, breakouts, interviews, and just about any kind of video or audio resource D6 creates. This will give you some time for your own personal training and growth.


Sermon Starters

As a member you’ll get a brand new Sermon Starter every month. We’ll provide all the graphics, bumper videos, suggested scripture references, and sermon titles. All you have to do is add the sermon and you’re in business!


Teacher Training

Each month we’ll provide you two pre-written emails and a fully produced training video that’s designed to help your teachers and small group leaders overcome the struggles they face each week. These resources will help you take your teacher training to whole new level.


Family Ministry Toolbox

Every month you’ll get a new Family Ministry Resource added to the Ministry Toolbox. These are resources you can give to parents in your ministry to have tough conversations around life’s difficult topics. This is the kind of stuff they can really use, and they’ll be grateful to receive.

Ministry Coaching

Each month you’ll have the opportunity to join a D6 Leader Network coaching call. Ron Hunter, Executive Director of D6, will lead this call each month. He’ll invite amazing guests and make sure to answer all questions. If you can’t make the call, you can catch the replay.

D6 Conference Perks

We want you to join us at our D6 Conference every year. That’s why we’ll give our members the best discount available to the conference. You’ll also receive perks like private meet ups with our speakers, you’re very own “hang out” area, and more fun stuff during the conference.


Are you ready to try the D6 Leader Network and take your Family Ministry to the next level?

Kids Ministry

  • D6 Media Vault
  • Kids Sermon Starters
  • Kids Teacher Training
  • Kids Ministry Toolbox
  • Ministry Coaching
  • D6 Conference Perks

Student Ministry

  • D6 Media Vault
  • Student Sermon Starters
  • Student Teacher Training
  • Student Ministry Toolbox
  • Ministry Coaching
  • D6 Conference Perks

Adult Ministry

  • D6 Media Vault
  • Adult Sermon Starters
  • Adult Teacher Training
  • Adult Ministry Toolbox
  • Ministry Coaching
  • D6 Conference Perks

What Members Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our members do the talking!

“People matter. That’s why I love being a member of the D6 Leader Network. This incredible toolbox of resources saves me time and allows me to build relationships with the people in my church.”

Jason Holmes

Active Families Pastor, Collierville First Baptist Church

“I love that D6 is providing ministry resources that are easy to use straight to my inbox. Being able to use all of these resources in my ministry for such a great value is a no-brainer.”

Steve Spence

Student Ministry Pastor, New Vision Baptist Church

“I buy ministry tools all the time, but I’ve never bought a resource that gives me so much help in my ministry. These are resources that don’t just tell me what to do, they help me do it. That’s priceless.”

Truett Brown

Children's and Family Ministry, FBC Deridder

Why Join?

We think that age-graded ministers are amazing! Think of all the things you do every week:

  • Prepare Sermons
  • Recruit Volunteers
  • Train Teachers
  • Recruit Volunteers
  • Prepare for Your Weekly Programs
  • Plan Events
  • Minister to Parents
  • Counsel
  • and so much more…

We created a membership site that creates “done for you” content to take important tasks off your to do list. We want to help you minister to families in every way we can.

Let us take something off your to do list!

There’s No Risk!

Levels That Fit Your Needs

We have a separate membership level for kids, student, and adult ministry leaders to meet your specific needs.

No Contracts

You can cancel your membership at any time.

Money-Back Guarantee

If it doesn’t work for you, we’ll give your money back within the first 30 days.
(But we believe you’re going to love it!)

3 Huge Benefits:


The useful and relevant content you’ll get each month helps you get things done like no other ministry resource available today. We know you’ll love it.


The monthly coaching call gives you a place where you can connect with some of the best family ministry leaders around the world. Every coaching session will not end until every member’s question is answered.


D6 Leader Network members who attend the live D6 Conference will have a VIP experience where they will connect with great leaders and grow their community.

This is your invitation

You won’t find a more complete and comprehensive ministry resource that you can invest in for you and your church. We’re proud to prepare this for you, and invite you to join the network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to join all three membership levels or can I join just one?

Nope. Most of our members take advantage of our excellent bundled membership rates, but you can become a member of just one of our other membership levels for kids, students, or adults.

What if I try and I don’t like it?

Our members have a member dashboard where you can easily update your credit card information and/or cancel your membership… even though we don’t think you’ll want to!

Who is producing the content for the D6 Leader Network?

The content for the D6 Leader Network is created by the team at D6 Family and Randall House.

Can I share the content from D6 Leader with the parents and volunteers in my church?

Yes. We create content for you to share with the families in your church. All we ask is that if another church wants to use the content, you’ll direct them to the place where they can purchase a membership for their church.

Why don’t the Family Ministry Toolbox resources have the D6 logo on them?

Many of the resources we create don’t have our logo on them because we want the families in your church to see you as the source for help in their community. In short, we work hard to make you look really good.

What are the Sermon Starters? Does that mean you write my sermons for me?

Our sermon starters give you a sermon series each month where you’ll get all the graphic design and promotional help you need for the sermon series. This even includes bumper videos and slide decks for the sermons. We don’t believe we should write sermons for you, but we do give you suggested sermon titles, scripture texts, and ideas for how you can shape the sermon. In short, we do everything we can for you except write the sermon. We’ll leave that to you.

How long are the monthly Teacher Training videos and how do I distribute them to my volunteers?

The Teacher Training videos are around five minutes long. We want them to be long enough to include helpful content, but short enough to keep the teachers’s attention span engaged. You’ll send a link to the video by email each month in two pre-written emails that we’ll provide you.

Do I have to attend the Monthly Trainings live or will there be a recording available?

No. You don’t have to attend the trainings live. We’ll record each session and make them available on the member website.

Will the D6 Vault include the main stage talks from the D6 Conference?

Yes. Every month we’ll upload new resources to the D6 vault and they will include main stage talks from the D6 Conference.

Will the D6 Vault include all the material from D6 Days?

Yes. You’ll be able to have access to the interviews from D6 Days to share with parents and volunteers in your church.

If I am a member of the D6 Leader Network will I get a discount to the D6 Conference?

Yes. Beginning in 2017 we will provide a coupon to the D6 Leader Network members that will give a huge discount to the live D6 Conference.

Will I receive new content each month?

Yes, each month you’ll receive new sermon starters, teacher training, family ministry toolbox resources, D6 vault material, and ministry coaching session.