Our guest is Alisa Childers, author of Another Gospel? A Lifelong Christian Seeks Truth in Response to Progressive Christianity. While she was once a member of ZOEgirl, she is with us today to discuss apologetics and progressive Christianity. She gives us a definition of progressive Christianity and lists some factors that have made this movement so appealing. She shares the story of how she became so interested in studying progressive Christianity so extensively and why people are so quick to cast discernment aside and take what they’re told as truth. Alisa tells us how churches and homes can become places where questions and doubts are welcome, and she provides ways that parents can equip their children to think through what they’re being taught and make sure it lines up with Scripture. Alisa explains how members of the progressive movement view Christians who hold to historic Christianity and how we can share the gospel truth with them. Finally, she shares what she hopes readers will take away from her book.