Holley Gerth, author of The Powerful Purpose of Introverts, sits down with us to discuss the topic of introversion and the incredible value introverts bring to the world. With many misconceptions, she begins our discussion by telling us what an introvert is and what it isn’t. She guides introverts on how to handle the voice that pushes them to be more outgoing and something they’re not and how to discern when introverts should stretch themselves versus realizing their talents would be better used elsewhere. Holley addresses the risk for depression in introverts and offers wisdom to pastors who battle depression. She speaks to parents with children struggling with mental health issues and explains how parents can use their child’s “superpower” to empower them. She also gives advice to extroverted parents who have an introverted child. Finally, Holley gives a word of encouragement to introverts struggling to find their place in the church and in the world.