Jon and Elizabeth McGlathery are a dynamic newlywed couple from Nashville, Tennessee. Their passion for Christ and their heart for marriages launched Just Married Ministries ( in April 2015. Since then, they have reached thousands in hopes to provide community, encouragement, and resources for newlywed and engaged couples. 
They have led a quickly growing newlywed ministry at a church in Hendersonville, Tennessee and continue to live missional lives as they carry out a two-year commitment as local missionaries. Elizabeth also works for D6 Family coordinating marketing strategies and assisting the director of marketing.

Equipping Newlyweds for Christ-Centered Marriages

Social media, movies, and even the best marriage books can lead Christians to believe that the more you focus on your marriage, the better your marriage will be. However, the Bible teaches us something very different. God asks us to focus on Him first and foremost. Learn about practical ways and resources to help you better equip the newlyweds in your church for Christ-centered marriage

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