A veteran children’s and family ministry leader and author of 11 Ways to Share the Gospel with Digital Natives, Matt Guevara has held a life-long curiosity for how kids learn and how the church can best serve families. Guevara’s innovative views on the new horizon of ministry in the socially connected, all-digital world have earned him invitations to meet with and design solutions for an array of leaders and organizations, including: KidzMatter, Awana, David C. Cook, NavPress, Tween Gospel Alliance, Focus on the Family, and Bethel Seminary where he completed his Masters in Children’s and Family Ministry. Matt currently serves as the executive director of INCM and leads a family with four amazing kids.

Digital Storytelling for Today’s Kids

Today’s kids are cyber savvy and technologically advanced. Yet, they respond to story in profound ways. YouTube, SnapChat, Instagram and a host of new technologies are the methods kids process and share their lives. Together, let’s explore the storytelling principles and tools we can leverage to powerfully share God’s Word in the ways kids naturally learn.

Spiritual Formation Across Childhood: Leading Kids and Families to Health

Never have the challenges been greater for leaders engaged in the faith formation of kids and families, from the forces we face to the resources we use in the life of the church. These challenges are inspiring creativity, innovation, and new approaches to inspire children and their parents to embrace a lifelong approach to faith formation. Explore the guideposts for healthy spiritual development in the lives of kids and families and discover the tools you need to be a healthy spiritual leader.

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