Accountable to Authority

Visit the public library and get each child a library card (if they don’t already have one). Allow each child to pick out and take home some books. (One book for each year of their age is a good way to keep up with how many books they checked out.) Explain the rules—we have to take care of the books; we have to bring them back before the due date; etc.

As you are driving home, talk about accountability to the library. The library gives us these books to use but we are responsible to the library. What are our responsibilities? (We must take care of the books. We must bring back the books on time.)

What will happen if we rip the pages in a book or lose it? (We will have to pay for it.)

Just as we are accountable to the library, we are accountable to God. We are part of God’s family and other Christians can help us do what is right. If we start to go a wrong way, they can warn us and help us go the right way. They can help us learn to follow God. Someday we will stand before God and give an account for the things we say and do. We need others to help us.

Joined by Love

Cut a piece of construction paper into 14 pieces and write a letter from the phrase, “Love One Another” on each piece. Make a set for each child from a different color. Hide them around the room (while the kids aren’t looking). Assign each child a color and invite them to find a special message. When all the letters have been found, unscramble the letters to decipher the message. (Older kids can help the younger ones.)

The Bible tells us to love one another. We are all joined together and should care for each other. When one sins, others are to gently guide him to find the right way. We need to receive correction when we need it. We are accountable to one another. We are responsible to help and love one another.

Share a snack of cupcakes and milk. Make regular cupcakes into heart-shaped ones by wadding a piece of foil into a ball and putting it on one side of the cupcake before baking. Remove the ball when cooled to reveal a heart-shaped cupcake. Frost and let kids decorate with sprinkles or small candies.


How do you know when someone loves you?
What makes you feel loved?

(Listen carefully and you may get good insight to your child’s heart.)

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by showing love to others. Think of someone you know who is going through a hard time (sickness, loss, sadness, etc.). Bake some cookies, make a card (with a message of encouragement—We are praying for you; We love you; We believe God will help you; etc.) Deliver some of the goodies and say a short prayer with them before you leave.

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