Singing the Blues

This week’s Psalm (psalm means song) is the number 44. If you had to describe the kind of song, it would definitely be a song of blues. The writer wrote/sang about their sadness and trouble. But why? Life can be like a puzzle. It seems hard to figure out all the pieces and why certain things happen.

How might we feel if we focus on our trouble? (Discouraged; sad; unhappy; etc.)

Life can be puzzling, and we may not understand why certain things happen, but we can cry out to God for help. Shifting our focus to God can help us. God has power and strength to help us and can even comfort us.

Talk with your children about trouble they face. (If they can’t think of anything, ask, “What has made you cry? How do you feel when you are rejected by others? How have mean words hurt you? When have you felt pain?”)

Encourage them to share how they feel—first to you and then to God. Reassure them God hears and will help them.

Never Alone

Play Sardines (a variation of Hide and Seek) to introduce the idea that God cares and is with us even when we have trouble. Choose one person (it) to hide while the rest of the family counts. Everyone then spreads out and tries to find “it.” When each person finds “it,” he/she joins him in his hiding place (until everyone is hiding with him). The first person who found “it” gets to hide next. After several rounds (and hopefully some laughter from cramming into some tight spaces), talk about why having others with us can help us.

What made this game fun?

Was it more fun having others hide with you?

When have you felt alone?

God is always with us even when we feel alone. One of the ways God comforts and helps us is with other Christians who are with us when we have trouble or feel alone. It’s okay to ask others to pray and help you.

Waiting is Hard

Make homemade creamsicles and then wait for them to freeze. You just need two ingredients: vanilla ice cream and orange juice. (You will also need ice popsicle molds.) Scoop a little bit of ice cream into the mold and then fill the space with orange juice. (Let the kids help!) Place the ice pop holder in and put it in the freezer overnight. To loosen, run the mold under warm water for a few seconds.

(For more info, go here)

As you are enjoying the popsicles, talk about waiting:

Was it hard to wait for the popsicles to freeze?

What are some things we have to wait for?

Is it hard to wait for God to answer our prayers?

Is it hard to wait when we have a tough situation and don’t know what to do?

Read Psalm 44:23-26. Did the writer of this psalm feel that God wasn’t listening or answering his prayer? Even if we have to wait for God’s answer, we can know that He listens and will help us.

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