Worship as You Go

This week’s Psalms (121, 122, 127, 130) were called “songs of ascent” and were sung as the people traveled to Jerusalem to worship God. As you ride in the car, put in a praise CD, crank it up, and sing along.

If you are at home, go to this link and sing along to Who’s the King of the Jungle?

Songs are such a good way to express praise to our great God!

Worship with a Joyful Noise

Make instruments (with spoons and pans; dried beans in a plastic container; comb and tissue paper; etc.)

Play a CD and invite the kids to sing/play along with their instruments—hopefully, it’s a joyful noise!

Throughout the week, set an alarm at random times during the day or evening and give a reward to the first one who arrives at the fridge (where the verse is posted) and says Psalm 118:24.

Stop and Focus

Go to this link to see if you can find the 13 hidden faces.

You had to really stop and focus on the picture to notice the faces. Sometimes we have to stop and focus to realize just how amazing God is!

How can we focus on God? (We think about what He has done; we look at creation to see His greatness; we read the Bible to see His characteristics that are so worthy of praise; etc.)

When we focus on God’s greatness, we will respond by saying or doing something that expresses how we feel.

What are some ways we can show how much we value God—how we can worship Him? (Say words of praise; give; serve; play an instrument; sing; draw; paint; tell others about Him; etc.)

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