True or False?

Read the following statements and ask the kids to say if they believe if it is true or false.

  • The biggest bird in the world is the ostrich (up to 9 ft. tall).
  • Honeybees have hair on their eyes.
  • A cheetah can reach a top speed approaching 70 mph.
  • The average cow produces 40 glasses of milk each day.
  • Elephants are the only animals that can’t jump.

All five statements are true. Were these statements true even if we didn’t know or believe it? Yes, these statements are absolutely true. The Bible is true whether people believe it or not. We want to believe and obey God’s Word as the absolute truth it is!

Look It Up!

Let the kids find all the Bibles in the house and bring them to the table.

Show the kids how to look in the front of the Bible to find the index which tells the page number of the beginning of each book. Show them how each book is divided into chapters and then verses.

Let them look up (let the older kids help the younger ones):

  • The longest chapter (Psalm 119)
  • The shortest chapter (Psalm 117)
  • The shortest verse (John 11:35)
  • The longest verse (Esther 8:9)
  • The verse containing all the letters of the alphabet except “J” (Ezra 7:21)
  • The verse that has the longest word in the Bible – “Mahershalalhashbaz” (Isaiah 18:1)
  • One of the best verses in the Bible (John 3:16)

Sing Truth!

If God’s Word is true, get to know it! Help your kids learn the books of the Bible. It’s probably easier to start with the New Testament first.

Here are a couple of good songs to learn the books of the Bible:


To learn and sing word for word Bible verses, go to:

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