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By September 21, 2014 Splink

Pick Me!

Play a game where children are chosen. (Some suggestions, depending on the age of your kids: Duck, duck, goose, The Farmer’s in the Dell, Seven Up, Red Rover (if that hasn’t been completely banned from children’s play), etc.)

How did you feel when you were chosen?

How does it feel to be left out?

We all feel sad when we are not chosen for a game or to attend a birthday party or other event. But this week, students learned that God has chosen them.

Read Ephesians 1:3-5 aloud.

What has God done for us? (Chosen us, adopted us, etc.)

Knowing that God has chosen us and adopted us into His family can help us feel wanted and happy!

You Look Just Like…

Items Needed: photo albums

Do kids ever tire of looking at themselves? Dig out the photo albums and ask them to look for a family resemblance…a different kind of family resemblance. While looking at pictures, ask them to look for ways they may be like their relatives, other than physically. (Sarah is kind like Aunt Grace; Will is strong like Grandpa; Rory is helpful like Grandma; etc.)

Families spend time together and learn from each other so they are often alike. As members of God’s family we should look like Him.

Goodness Means GO!

This week’s fruit of the Spirit is goodness.

How does God show us goodness? (Loves us, adopts us, give us things we need, forgives us, comforts us, etc.)

Since God is our heavenly Father, there should be a family resemblance. We should look like Him! God doesn’t have a body or face that looks like ours, but we can be like Him. When we are good to others, we are looking and acting like our heavenly Father. (Acts 10:38)

Choose a member of your extended family (could even be your church family) and think of a way to do something good for them. Involve the kids in brainstorming ideas! ***A good question to ask when brainstorming ideas is, “What has someone done for you that made you feel good or helped you?”

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