Important Steps

Use string, tape, or some other way to mark a starting line and a finish line about 10 feet apart.  Instruct family members to line up at the starting line and follow instructions as they are read. Suggested instructions:

  • Take one step forward if you have been kind today.
  • Take one step forward if you have been helpful this week.
  • Take one step backward if you have ever said an unkind word.
  • Take one step forward if you did a chore today.
  • Take one step backward if you have ever disobeyed a parent.
  • Take one step forward if you have ever given a gift.
  • Take one step backward if you have ever told a lie.

It’s likely nobody will cross the finish line. If we played this game long enough, and if the questions asked were in your favor, you might make it to the finish line. The main thing would be to have more steps forward than you do back.  The problem with real life is that we all sin (Romans 3:23) and that sin separates us from God. But Jesus makes it possible for us to escape that separation. When we choose to receive the free gift of salvation that Jesus makes possible, we can be forever alive in Christ!  That’s the ultimate finish line to cross.

Choosing to Believe

Items needed: Several flavors of ice cream (pint size would work great)

This is a simple object lesson to help kids see that they have to choose to believe themselves.

Show kids the different flavors of ice cream and taste them in front of the kids. Rave about how good they are and invite your spouse to taste them (not giving any to the kids yet). You could say something like this: We have tasted this ice cream and think it is great. Would you like to taste it? Then invite the kids to taste it.

As you are eating the ice cream, talk about it:

Which flavors do you like? Would you have known what was good if you never tasted it? No. There comes a time when each person must decide what he or she believes. This is especially important when talking about what we believe in Jesus. I believe _______ (share what you believe…that Jesus died on the cross, came alive again, and will take away our sin, etc.) You must make your own decision about what you believe. No one becomes a Christian because their parents are Christians. It is an individual decision.

What do you believe about Jesus? (This would be a good chance to determine what they understand and if they are ready to believe in and follow Jesus.)

See and Say

Take a walk in your neighborhood or a park nearby. Encourage family members to identify unique and beautiful things they see along the way (flowers, leaves, pine cones, acorns, berries, wildlife, etc.). As you walk, talk about the blessings of knowing God through Christ.

Who made all this beauty?

What’s the best thing about knowing God?

What would you like to tell God if you could see Him?

What are some things for which you are thankful?

Because we belong to Christ, thanks should spill out of us! When we are alive in Christ, our lives should be a walking testimony of His goodness and love.

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