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How Can We Know

Ask each family member to find two facts about an animal and write them on an index card or piece of paper (or just memorize them). Ask them to write a third thing about the animal that is NOT true. After dinner (or a convenient time), allow each family member to read their “facts” aloud while the others try to guess which one is NOT true.

This was just a guessing game, but how can we know what to believe?

To find out if something is true, we can check the source where we found it. If the source is reliable, we can believe what we read. The Bible is a reliable source—it has been tested by thousands of people for thousands of years.

The Way

As you plan to leave to go to a certain place (store, new park, etc.), ask the kids, “How will we know the way to go to _________?” Listen to their answers, but continue asking questions.

  • Should we ask someone who has never been there?
  • Should we ask someone who THINKS they might know?
  • Should we trust someone who has been there and knows the way?
  • Then ask: “How can we know the way to Heaven?”

    Read John 14:1-6.

    The way to Heaven is not by being good, by giving money to the church, by being kind to the poor, or by being nice. The way to Heaven is through a person—Jesus, who came from Heaven and knows the way!

    Choosing to Believe

    Items needed: Several flavors of ice cream (pint size would work great)

    This is a simple object lesson to help kids see that they have to choose to believe themselves.

    Show kids the different flavors of ice cream and taste them in front of the kids. Rave about how good they are and invite your spouse to taste them (not giving any to the kids yet). You could say something like this: We have tasted this ice cream and think it is great. Would you like to taste it? Then invite the kids to taste it.

    As you are eating the ice cream, talk about it:

    Which flavors do you like? Would you have known what was good if you never tasted it? No. There comes a time when each person must decide what he or she believes. This is especially important when talking about what we believe in Jesus. I believe _______ (share what you believe…that Jesus died on the cross, came alive again, and will take away our sin, etc.) You must make your own decision about what you believe. No one becomes a Christian because their parents are Christians. It is an individual decision.

    What do you believe about Jesus? (This would be a good chance to determine what they understand and if they are ready to believe in and follow Jesus.)

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