Same or Different?

Conduct an experiment to introduce the idea that even though families may look different, they are all equal and valuable. While kids aren’t looking, divide pudding into three bowls and dye two of the bowls with food coloring. (Leave one bowl the original color.) Place a small amount from each bowl on each person’s plate and conduct a taste test.

Then ask: What does each one taste like? (Allow time for their responses.) All the colors are the same. You may think they taste differently because they look different, but they are all the same.

Do all families look the same? No.

Review the four learned in the lesson:
• Esther (both parents were dead so she was parented by her cousin, Mordecai)
• Timothy (raised by his mother and grandmother)
• Titus and Paul (Titus was like an adopted son)
• Joseph (had a large family with half brothers and a half sister)

Even though families may look different, we are the same on the inside.

True Love

What does true love look like in a family?

Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 for some characteristics of love.

Ask each family member to choose one characteristic of love and draw a picture of someone showing it. For example: love is kind. Draw a picture of a brother showing kindness to a sibling by reading her a book.

Let each person show and tell about their picture and then choose one way to show LOVE to a family member this week. Optional: Kids LOVE drawing on a whiteboard so use a whiteboard and ask family members to guess how the person in the picture is showing love.

God loves us and wants us show love to our family.

Celebrate Love

Celebrate Valentine’s Day! God gives us families to love us and we can love them back. Depending on the ages of your kids, here are a few ideas they might enjoy.

• Add a special surprise (note, heart-shaped food, candy) in their lunch.
• Follow cut-out hearts (or candy hearts) to find a small gift.
• Eat red or pink food for dinner.
• Make a plan to stay up late on Friday night and play games and camp out in the living room together.
• Write a note telling why you love them!

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