Splink 1:

You’ve Been Socked

Continue the Christmas celebration throughout the week. (Who wants Christmas to end—maybe parents, but certainly not the kids!) A fun way to keep giving to others (which we want to be our focus) is to fill a Christmas stocking with goodies—small candies or treats, small toys, pencils, etc. Write a simple note saying, “You’ve been socked! Enjoy this treat from us!” Hang it on a neighbor or friend’s door, ring the doorbell and then run and hide so they don’t see you.

God is the great gift-giver! John 3:16 says He loved us, so He gave.

Splink 2:

Hide and Seek and Enjoy

Hit an after-Christmas sale and buy a few boxes of candy canes. When the kids are not looking, go outside (or inside, if weather doesn’t permit) and hide the candy canes in the trees, on bushes, all over the yard. Invite the kids (neighbors too) to find them. Enjoy hot chocolate and re-read the Christmas story (Luke 2:1-20) about the greatest gift ever given.

Splink 3:

What Do You Say?

You’ve probably said that many, many times in the last week, hoping to prompt your kids to say thank you for the gifts they received.

Make a list of gifts received and who needs to receive a thank you note. Lay out thank you cards, pens, markers, paper, etc. and sit down at the kitchen table and write them together. Enjoy a snack and hot chocolate when finished. Don’t forget to say thank you to God for His great gift, Jesus!

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