Splink 1:

Lean On Me

Ask each family member to find a partner and sit on the floor with their backs to one another (partners of similar height are good, if possible). Instruct each pair to link arms and stand up without unlinking their arms. (They will have to lean on one another to be able to do this.)

Talk about it:

How did you help each other so you could both stand up? (We had to lean against one another; we had to push against the other; etc.)

How can we support one another? (Help each other; be a friend; listen; pray for; say kind words; etc.)

God gave us other Christians for support. When one needs help, another can help. When one is sad, another can cheer up that person. When one is weak, another one can pray and support. What a gift to belong to the body of Christ!

Splink 2:

Body Spelling

Spell out words with your bodies. Choose simple words (cat; dog; sun; log; fun; oh; no; sing; etc.) and at the signal to “go,” the entire family must work together to spell out the word using only their body. Depending on the size of your family, you may want to divide into two groups. Take some pictures so they can see their “handiwork.”

We are the body of Christ on earth. We are to love God and love others. We are to respect God and others.

Splink 3:

Special Time

Students learned that some in the early church were not respecting the special event (Lord’s Supper, Communion) that Jesus told His followers to celebrate (1 Corinthians 11). Explain the meaning of Communion to your kids. Show the juice and bread (matzah bread/unleavened bread is sold in most grocery stores) and explain that the bread represents Jesus’ broken body and the juice represents the blood He shed for our sin. (You may want to play some quiet, worshipful music in the background.)

Read the story of Jesus instituting Communion (Lord’s Supper) in Matthew 26:26-29. Just as the Jews were to celebrate the Passover (when God saved them and freed them from slavery), we are to remember that Jesus’ death saved us from our slavery to sin.

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