Splinks for the week of March 1-7, 2020

Chore Provisions

Develop a chore list to be completed before your kids can play for the day. Challenge them to make a list of all the things they will need in order to complete the tasks.

To add some fun, include a unique “chore” like eating 2 ½ pretzels, singing the alphabet song while fluffing pillows, or putting an encouraging note on each family member’s pillow.

Help them gather the needed supplies and finish the chores. Explain that just like you provided them with everything needed for the chores, God will always give what we need to accomplish His will. Like chores, sometimes what He calls us to do isn’t what we would want to do, but His plan is always what is best for us. We should follow where God leads us, and trust He will provide for us along the way.

Marco Polo

Play the popular swimming game “Marco Polo” together. You don’t have to play it in a pool, but be sure there are safe parameters defined wherever you choose to play.

This is a simple game requiring one player to be blindfolded or keep his or her eyes closed while trying to find the other players in the game. The finder calls out “Marco” and the others reply with “Polo” to indicate locations. Make your own rules with regard to how many times a player can change locations in a round or what rooms of the house are off limits etc.

Encourage every family member to take a turn being the one to find the others. After having some fun with it, remind family members to consider how this game relates to answering God’s call in their lives.

Whisper Zone

Designate a busy area of your home, or a specific timeframe in the whole house as a “Whisper Zone.” Challenge family members to communicate only in a whisper in that zone. It might be something to do for an evening or maybe just for one meal. Have fun with the activity, and then gather to discuss what was easy and hard about the challenge.

Name a scenario when speaking boldly is helpful.

When is it best to use a whisper instead of a shout?

God calls all people to a relationship with Him. He has a plan and purpose for our lives. When we choose God’s plan for our lives, we need to do so boldly to show we are serious about answering His call. End your activity by sharing ways you have boldly answered God’s call or shared your faith with others.

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