Splinks for the week of December 1-7, 2019

Turn Around!

Bundle up and take a walk together and announce that you are going to a specific destination. (Mrs. Smith’s house, the park, etc.) Start out by going the wrong direction. When the kids realize it, ask, “What should we do?” (Turn around!) Turn around and go in the right direction to reach your destination.

What does it mean to repent? (To turn away from sin and go the other direction, etc.)

If we continue in our sin, we are not really repenting. To repent means to realize that we are going the wrong way, be sorry (not just that you got caught), and then turn away from that sin and quit doing it.

What Do I Do With It?

Write each of the following ways to deal with sin on a slip of paper and put in a basket. (Hide it, ignore it, blame others for it, feel sad about it, and repent of it)

Read one of the following scenarios and let each family member pick one of the ways of dealing with sin and tell what the main character would do.

For example: Marissa knew that her mom had told her NOT to play in the mom’s jewelry box. One afternoon while her mom was cooking dinner, Marissa was trying on a necklace and it broke. If you picked the slip that says ‘ignore it’, you might say: Marissa would just put it back in the jewelry box and pretend that nothing happened.

Other scenarios:

• Manny ate the last of the cookies his mom was saving for dinner (which she had told him not to eat).

• Ransom got so angry with his little brother that he yelled at him and then pushed him down.

• The teacher announced a pop quiz. Aaron had played with a new video game when he was supposed to be studying the night before. He made a 50 on the quiz and was supposed to get it signed by a parent.

David (in this week’s lesson) tried to hide his sin, cover it up, and ignore it. He finally had joy when he repented of it!

God Erases

Item Needed: erasable writing board (Look for the cheap ones at the dollar store which have a stylus and are made of cardboard.)

Write a message, and then lift the clear page to erase what was written. Perhaps your kids have an erasable board where they can write a message, and then erase it by sliding the button to the other side. Even a dry erase board and eraser will accomplish the same thing. ***If you don’t have what is needed, adapt it to fit your situation.

The Israelites, God’s chosen people, had sinned against God and He had an important message for them. Listen as I read to see if you can identify the message he gave to Isaiah for Israel.

Read Isaiah 1:16-18.

The message was that the people need to repent. To repent means to be sad enough about their sin that they turn from it—stop doing it.

What is sin? (Any thought, attitude or action against God)

A sin is more than a mistake. A mistake is a misspelled word or spilling your milk at dinner. A sin is against God. Sometimes they are actions (stealing, lying, murder, etc.), but sometimes they are thoughts or attitudes (pride, jealousy, selfishness, etc.)

Write a sin that you have done on the writing tablet.

Who has sinned? (All have sinned – Romans 3:23)

We’ve all sinned and we can’t get rid of our sins by ourselves; we need help. We need a Savior – a Savior who can erase our sins.

Lift the page (or erase the sin) and you will see that the “sin” is gone.

When we ask Him, God will erase our sins and won’t even remember them. (Hebrews 10:17)

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