Splink 1:

One or the Other

Share a simple object lesson with a basketball and a five dollar bill. Invite one of the kids to place both hands around the basketball (palms flat touching the ball). Then hold up the five dollar bill and ask the volunteer if he can hold the bill (with both hands) without letting go of the basketball. Let others in the family try. You can’t fully grasp the bill without letting go of the basketball.

Talk about Ruth’s choice.

What did Ruth leave behind to follow Naomi? (Her family; her false gods; her life in Moab; etc.)

By leaving those behind, what did she choose? (Ruth chose to follow the one true God, the God Naomi worshipped. She chose to believe in God and know that He would help them.)

Splink 2:

One Thing…Then Another

Watch a video of the ripple effect of dominoes. Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lo6x4eulY9g to watch an amazing video of 10-year-old Lily Hevesh’s domino demonstration.

At age 10, Lily was given her first 28-pack of dominoes from her grandparents. Now, seven years later, her collection has grown from 28 to more than 60,000. Not only does she enjoy setting up and knocking down dominoes as a hobby, but it has become her full-time job. She started posting videos of her colorful projects on YouTube and now has more than 865,000 subscribers. Millions of people watch her videos.

Stand up a row of Dominos (just far enough apart so they will all fall down when the first one is tapped). Tap the first Domino and see what happens.

What happened when we tapped the first Domino? One thing affected another thing. There are results when we do certain things.

Why is it important to think before making a choice? (Our choices affect other choices; our choice affects other people; our choices let us to something better if we make the right one; etc.)

Ruth’s one choice to follow Naomi affected the rest of her life’s choices.

Splink 3:

How to Please God

Students began learning a new Bible verse: Hebrews 11:6. Go outside (hopefully it’s starting to cool off!) and make a grid on the sidewalk (as in a tic tac toe grid). Divide up the verse into nine phrases, pass out the chalk and assign each child words to write in a square of the grid. (The phrases don’t need to be in order.) Take turns tossing a bean bag (or a coin or small stuffed animal) into the squares starting with the first phrase and continue until the bean bag has landed on each phrase. Say each phrase as the bean bag lands on it.

God loves it when we believe in and follow Him!

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