Announce to the kids that you will be having very special guests for dinner – but don’t tell them who (even if they beg). (The special guests will be the kids!)

Make a special dinner. Choose some of their favorite foods. Play quiet music. Light some candles. Add some flowers to the table. ETC. Make it as special as you can. (This will add to the mystery of who the special guests might be.)

Call the kids to the table and excitedly tell them that they are the special guests!

Read 1 Peter 2:9, 10.

How does God think about us? (we are a chosen people; royal priests; a holy nation; God very own possession)

God chose us as His very own people to live godly lives, making good choices so others will see our actions and praise God.

You Pick

Items Needed:

  • kitchen utensils: fork, spoon, knife, straw, toothpick, giant serving spoon, spatula, etc.)
  • bags (brown bags that they can’t see through are good – but as long as they can’t see inside the bag, any bag will work)

Put a kitchen utensil in a bag (one per bag) and allow each family member to choose his eating utensil for dinner (no touching to see what might be inside either). Each person must eat their dinner using ONLY the utensil he/she chose. (Hopefully, there will be some laughter!)

What would have made your choice easier? (being able to see what was in the bags)

What are some choices we make each day? (what cereal to eat; what clothes to wear; what game to play; whether to yell at a sibling or speak kind words; whether to tell the truth or a lie; and lots more!)

Are there consequences to the choices we make? (Yes! Some consequences for wrong choices: we feel guilty; we get into trouble; we make the Holy Spirit sad; we hurt others; etc. Even if looks like there are no consequences, sin and wrong choices always hurt us. If we think we get away with doing wrong things, that is a worse consequence than getting caught because it might encourage us to sin more.)

God gives us a free will to choose. Choosing His way (as told to us in the Bible) is the best way.

What to do if

Ask your kids:
Will you always make right choices? (Of course, not!)

What should you do when you make a wrong choice? (tell God we sinned and ask Him to forgive us; try to make it right with others; tell others we are sorry if they were involved; etc.)

Parents, you may want to share what you do when make a wrong choice. It is good for us to say, “I’m sorry I yelled at you. I’m sorry I lied.” And when they hear you asking God to forgive you, they will begin to understand God’s grace.

Students learned that Jesus is bigger than our wrong choices. He forgives us and still loves us even when we fail to make right choices.

Say a prayer thanking God for His forgiveness and asking for His help to make right choices.


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