You look just like…

Draw family portraits. After everyone is finished drawing a picture of themselves, pass the picture to the right and have each person write one good characteristic (kind, strong, helpful, etc.) about that person on the picture. Help young ones who can’t write yet. Continue passing it until the picture gets back to its owner. Read each person’s characteristics aloud.

Even before we were born, God had an idea of what we should look like —- Jesus. (Romans 8:29)

Write “Jesus” on a piece of paper. Let each person write a characteristic about Him on the paper (loving, kind, wise, holy, generous, forgiving, etc.) Read them aloud. These are all true of God. God is loving, kind, wise, holy, generous, forgiving, etc.

Display the pictures on the refrigerator – including the one with the good qualities about Jesus.

Jesus is our example! We will look like Him when His characteristics (of love, kindness, wisdom, generosity, etc.) are seen in us.

It’s Hard

Christians all over the world are being persecuted.

What does it mean to be persecuted? (to be mistreated, harassed, beaten, or worse)

Even though we are not suffering persecution in America, there are many Christians in other countries who are being treated very badly just because they are Christians. Their homes and churches are being destroyed; they are losing their jobs; they are even being killed (much like what happened in the first century when the Bible was written).

What can we do? We can pray and care about them (even though we don’t know them).

The following website publishes prayer requests for persecuted Christians.

Another website is They tell the following story:

Several Voice of the Martyrs partners traveled to Egypt recently to the villages that were home to the 21 Christians beheaded in Libya earlier this year. (Some of you probably saw pictures of this incident in the media.) The Christian workers first traveled to Al Aour, where the families of 13 of the murdered believers live in extreme poverty. They had had met with each of the families earlier this year to identify ways they could help. While visiting the village, they learned that neither the Christians nor the Muslims have access to clean water so the Christian workers installed special water filters to help ALL the community.

They then moved to a second village and talked with Muslim leaders about their plan to improve drinking water. Although some were at first skeptical, many were disarmed by the Christian workers’ act of love.

“Love is our greatest weapon,” the Voice of the Martyr worker said. “In a background where violence and weapons are the way to make others submit, love is the greatest weapon a Christian possesses.”

They will continue to reach out to the 21 martyrs’ relatives, and they plan to install water filters in all five villages in an effort to show Christ’s love to the people.

How is their attitude like Christ’s attitude on the cross? (they are loving; they are forgiving; they are wanting people to know about Jesus and the real way to find love; etc.)

Beautiful Attitude

Watch the following video and be inspired by this young girl’s Christlike attitude. Myrium was an Iraqi Christian refugee whose family was forced to flee to Irbil, Kurdistan when ISIS took control of their home town in 2014. (Video is 6:54 minutes)

Talk about it:
What happened to Myrium and her family?
What was her attitude?

What characteristics of Christ could you see in her?

Read 1 Peter 4:19.

What should Christians who are suffering do? (keep doing what is right and trust in God)

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