Splink 1:

Half the Picture

Tear out simple pictures in a magazine. Cut the picture in half vertically and keep one half hidden away. Tape each half picture on a piece of copy or construction paper and ask the kids to draw the other half. (If you don’t have a magazine, draw half of a simple picture on a piece of paper for them to complete.)

Was it hard to draw the other half? Why or why not? (Give them the other half of the picture to see if they came close to drawing what the original picture looked like.)

Do you think Job could have gone through his trouble in a different way if he could have seen the whole picture and could know what would happen at the end? (Probably!)

Job did not understand why He had to go through such trouble. But God knew things that Job didn’t know. Just as you only had half the picture, we only see part of what God is doing. He knows things that we don’t. God doesn’t always explain things to us, but we can trust Him to make something good out of the bad things that happen to us.

Splink 2:


Gather ingredients to make cookies. Let the kids taste the individual ingredients (salt, baking soda, butter, flour, etc.) before mixing them together. Ask how each one tastes.

Mix and bake the cookies. Eat the cookies with some cold milk. Ask how they liked them.

What are some things in life that aren’t good? (Sickness; sadness; hurt feelings; loneliness; etc.) 

Was everything in Job’s life good? (No, he had some very bad things happen to him and his family.)

What happened at the end of Job’s life? (God blessed Job and give him more animals, children, and good things than he had before.)

Is everything in our life good? (No)

Just as the ingredients we tasted by themselves weren’t so good, we were able to make something good from them. God is so wise and powerful that He can take even the bad things that happen and make something good from them.

Splink 3:

Good as New

Get out the bikes or riding toys and spruce them up. Pump up the tires, repaint rusty parts, buy streamers or other fun items, and make the old look as good as new.


Why is it good to restore things? (They can still be used; it helps to save money because you don’t have to buy new things; it keeps things out of the landfill; etc.)

Do people ever need to be restored? (Yes.) Why? (Because they feel hurt, disappointed, or even broken and need to know they can be happy again.)
How did God restore Job?
(He restored his health; He gave him more animals and other wealth; He gave him more children; etc.) 

God never abandons us, but continues to give us good things even when we have trouble. 

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