Splink 1:

Wisdom that Lasts

Run a race with balloons. Make a starting point and a finish line (about 15 feet apart). Give each person a balloon and line up everyone on the finish line. At the signal to go, each one must blow air into his balloon and then let it go. Wherever it lands is where he/she must run and do the same thing over and over until one person’s balloon crosses the finish line.

Solomon, a very wise man said that chasing the world’s things and ideas is like chasing the wind (Ecclesiastes 1:17). They are not things we want to believe or follow. We must believe and follow God’s words in the Bible, especially when trouble comes.

Read the following statements that many would agree with.

  • I doubt God sees or cares about what is going on with me.
  • God does not love me or He wouldn’t let this bad thing happen.
  • I am all alone. I have no one to talk to.
  • This is impossible for even God to answer.
  • There is no way anything good can come from this trouble.

Although Job did not have the Bible, he knew God and trusted Him, no matter what came his way. When Satan attacked him through troubles and doubts, he replaced the lies with what he knew about God.

Ask each person to blow up his or her balloon. Then assign each person to carefully write one of the five truths on their balloon:

  • God can be trusted (Proverbs 3:5).
  • God will always love me (Romans 8:39).
  • God will never leave me (Hebrews 13:5b).
  • God is powerful (Jeremiah 32:17).
  • God will do what is best for me (Romans 8:28).

Say the wise Bible truths in order several times.

We must believe these wise Bible truths and not chase after every false idea.

Splink 2:

Un-Say It?
Items Needed: Tube of toothpaste; paper plate

To illustrate that some words can’t be UN-said, invite one of the kids to squirt the toothpaste onto the plate. THEN, instruct him to put it all back in the tube.

When he/she can’t, ask:

Can we take back the words we say to others? (NO—even though we may apologize, the words have been said and probably will be remembered.)

 Job’s friends said words that hurt him and weren’t even true.

What can we do BEFORE we say the wrong thing? (Pray; think about the other person’s feelings; be sure we are saying right or kind words; keep your mouth shout; walk away; etc.)

We can’t UN-say our words, so we must first think and ask God for help… BEFORE we say the wrong thing. We don’t want to hurt others by speaking wrongly.

Splink: 3

The Wise Thing to Do

Run a relay to review the verse students are learning—Proverbs 3:5. Write each word of the verse on an index card (or piece of paper). Let kids help write the verse, as this will also reinforce looking up and learning the verse.

Place and scramble the words facing up on a table or the floor. The object of the relay is to get all the words of the verse in the correct order. Everyone should line up behind a designated point and run—one at a time—to the table, find the next word of the verse and place it in order (a place next to the cards would be good). He should run back and the next person will run to the table and put the next word in order. (Watch the table to make sure they are getting it right or things will be thrown off.) If someone adds an incorrect word, tell him and he must put that word back with the others and get back in line. Time it to see how long it takes to put the verse in order. Then run the relay a second time to see if you can beat the first time.

Some people might suggest that we should only trust in ourselves. Trusting in God is the wise thing to do!

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