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Find Some Courage!

Play a game to talk about courage. Play Sardines (which is a variation of Hide and Seek). Choose one person to hide while the rest of the family counts. Everyone then spreads out and tries to find the ‘hider’. When each person finds the hider, he/she joins him in his hiding place (until everyone is hiding with him). The first person who found the hider gets to hide next. After several rounds (and hopefully some laughter from cramming into some tight spaces), talk about why having others with us can help us.

  • What made this game fun?
  • Was it more fun having others hide with you?
  • When have you felt alone?
  • What makes it so hard to stand alone?
  • How can you get courage?

One reason we feel afraid and lack courage is that we feel alone. Paul (the missionary) traveled from city to city telling people about Jesus and not everyone liked that. Many times he had to stand alone and face angry crowds. Paul had courage because he knew that God was with him. We can have courage because God is with us and has promised to never leave us. (Hebrews 13:5b) Knowing that others are also with us can give us courage.

Where Can I Get Some Courage?

Brainstorm situations where one might feel afraid and act out ways to get courage.

Write each situation (some are given below) on a slip of paper and put them in a bag or hat.

  • You want to sleep at a friend’s house, but you are afraid
  • You want to tell your friends about Jesus, but you are afraid they might laugh at you
  • You see your younger sister being bullied
  • You are afraid of storms
  • You want to be in the school play, but you are afraid to get up in front of others
  • You want to tell the truth, but you are afraid of getting in trouble
  • Your best friend wants to cheat off your paper

Take turns drawing a slip of paper and offering solutions (with words or by acting it out).

Paul had courage. Why?

  • He knew that God was with him
  • He believed God’s words
  • He depended on God for help

We can gain courage if we remember those three things.

Watch Me…I’ll Show You

The best way for kids to learn how to face their fears and gain courage is by watching their parents face their fears and be courageous. We can help our kids learn strategies and Bible verses (which are important) but they will more likely DO what we DO. When they see you trust God during a hard time, it will make an impression. When they see you admit your fears but do what needs to be done, they will imitate that.

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