Announce to your kids that you are planning a special treat, but don’t tell them exactly when. (You will probably get lots of, “Is it time yet?)

At a random time, say, “Surprise! Come with me. We are going for a treat” (ice cream or whatever).

Ask (while you’re eating your ice cream):

Was it hard to wait?

Jesus has promised to take us to a wonderful place called heaven. If we really understood how wonderful heaven is, we would have a hard time waiting. Only God knows the time and when He says, “It’s time,” we’ll go. Until that time, we should be doing what He told us to do.

Counting the Days

Show your wedding video and talk about how much you looked forward to that special day. Maybe you crossed days off the calendar as you couldn’t wait to start a new life together with your mate. (If you have older kids, you may want to talk about keeping yourself pure for that special day – just as they can stay pure and holy for Jesus’ return.)

Jesus has promised to come back and take all believers to be with Him in heaven! (2 Peter 3:3-14) Even though we don’t know the exact day, we can look forward to going to heaven to be with him. God will keep His promise to come again. It will be more wonderful than anything we can imagine.

Just. Can’t. Wait

Read the following story about waiting.

Angelina couldn’t wait until it was time for her grandparents to come visit. She loved them so much and they always had such a fun time together. Her grandfather taught her how to fish and even how to bait her own hook. Her grandmother taught her to bake a cherry pie and how to sew. Her grandparents lived in a RV and traveled around the country helping build houses for the poor. Sometimes if they were in the area they would just pop in and stay a few days.

“When are they going to get here?” Angelina asked her mother every morning.

“You know they promised to drop in when they finished with the building project in Mississippi,” her mom reminded her. “Because of the weather they can’t always work every day, so sometimes it takes longer than they think.”

“I just want them to get here!” Angelina pouted.

“Why don’t you get busy finishing that pillow Grandma helped you cut out,” her mom suggested. “That will help the time go faster.”

Angelina got out the sewing machine and worked on the pillow. It wasn’t as much fun without Grandma there, but Angelina wanted to surprise her and have it finished when she arrived.

Angelina was in her room one afternoon when she heard a tap on her door. “Come in,” she said.

There stood both her grandparents and she rushed to give them a hug. “I’ve been looking for you to come every day,” Angelina told them. “I’ve got my fishing rod ready and I’ve even dug up some worms. And look at the pillow I made for you, Grandma. I’m so glad you’re finally here.” 

Why is it so hard to wait when you are anticipating something good? (you want it to happen now, it’s all you can think of, we are impatient, etc.)

What was Angelina doing while she waited? (she kept busy, she prepared for their coming, she thought about them, she looked forward to their coming, etc.)

Read 2 Peter 3:14

What should we be doing while we wait for Jesus’ return?(be diligent, holy, pure, without spot, etc.)

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