Follow the Leader

Play a favorite game, Follow the Leader, with kids. Take turns being the follower/leader.

What do you need to do in order to be a good follower? (pay attention to what the leader is doing; do what the leader is doing; etc.)

What is a disciple? (a follower; one who learns from another; etc.)

What do we need to do to be good disciples? (follow Jesus; do what He has told us in the Bible; learn from the examples in the Bible; etc.)

Paul told Timothy to study the Bible, to keep himself pure, to be truthful to be a good disciple. We can follow their example to be a good disciple.

Guess Who?

Guess clues to identify one another.

Give each family member an index card or piece of paper to write three clues about themselves (without letting the others see what they have written). Let the older ones help the younger ones who can’t yet write. Some ideas for clues: I have brown eyes. I like to play soccer. I am wearing a green shirt.

Collect the cards, read each one aloud and try to guess the identity of the person by the clues given.

We could guess each person’s identity by learning certain things about them. Jesus said there was a way to identify His followers/disciples.

Read John 13:35 to find the way that people would recognize Jesus’ followers/disciples. (their love for one another)

Loving others shows that we are Jesus’ disciples.

Optional idea: Make badges that say “LOVE” and give them to a family member when they do loving acts.

Run From, To, and With

Run a race. Go outside and mark out a starting and finishing point. Line everybody up at the starting line and see who can reach the finish line first. As they are running, try to distract them and get them to follow you. (Try to lure them away with food or by talking to them.)

Was it hard to keep running the race when you were distracted with food or other things?

What are some things that distract us from running a good race (living a godly life)? (sin, selfishness, wanting more stuff, loving other things more than God, etc.)

Paul gave Timothy the way to be a pure disciple of Jesus in 2 Timothy 2:22.

Act out or write out the following words:

  • Run from youthful lusts – desire that pull us away from God.
  • Run to right things, faith, love and peace.
  • Run with others who want to live a pure life.
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