Weighed Down

Run a relay (carrying lots of extra stuff) to talk about running the race well.

Items Needed: household items (broom, dustpan, roll of paper towels, spatula, plastic bowl, piece of fruit, bag of cookies, anything unbreakable will work!)

Put the items on a table and line everybody up at a starting point about 15 ft. away. (Do this outside if possible.) The first person must run to the table, pick up one item, run back to his teammates and hand the item to the next person in line. That person must carry the item with him to the table, pick up another item (while still holding the first one), run back, and give both items to the next person in line. Continue until all items are gone from the table.

(If you have a large family, divide into two teams and race each other. Of course, you will need two of each item. If not, you can time the team to see how quickly they can run the relay. Run it a second time to see if they can beat their time.)

When finished, take a rest and eat some popsicles!

What was the hardest part of running this race? (carrying all the stuff!)

Read Hebrews 12:1, 2.

To what do these verses compare sin? (to weights that slow us down)

Just as it wouldn’t be wise to run a race carrying all this extra stuff, it is not wise for us to keep our sin.

What should we do when we sin? (we should tell (confess) it to God and He will forgive and take it away)

We can run the “race” better without our sin.

Feel Like Quitting?

As you driving in the car or around the dinner table, ask family members to:
Tell about a time you felt like quitting. (Share your stories, Mom and Dad!)

If you didn’t give up, what helped you keep going? (prayer, encouraging words from others, help, etc.)

Read Hebrews 12:1-3.

 Who is our example? (Jesus) Why? (He didn’t give up when He was so mistreated.)

Jesus is our example to keep going when we feel like quitting!

Stronger Every Day

Who Can Last?

Items Needed: a tootsie roll pop (for each family member)

Hold an endurance contest – see who can go the longest without biting their tootsie roll pop. As you are licking talking about how hard it is to wait.

What was the hardest part of the contest? Why?

Why is it so hard to keep waiting?

We want what we want when we want it! But sometimes we need to put aside what we want (or what we feel like doing) and do what’s right!


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