Splinks for the week of November 3-9, 2019

Daily Charades

Play a game of charades to portray activities and actions that take place daily for members of the family. Encourage each family member to participate in both the acting and guessing.

Suggestions for charades:

Brushing teeth Eating food Caring for pets Getting dressed

Cooking food Making a bed Folding clothes Driving a car

What do you think would happen if we only ate food one day of the week? What would it be like if we could only use our cars on Thursdays? Do you think you’d get tired of wearing the same clothes if you could only change clothes on Mondays?

Talk with your family about the values of doing each of these things on a daily (most of the time) basis and not only once a week. Remind of the need to plug in to God’s Word and care for our relationship with Him daily instead of only on Sundays. The Lord’s Prayer even reminds us to see God’s Word as daily bread. Pray together and challenge family members to make feeding from the Word and clothing themselves in His righteousness part of their daily routines.


Best Thing Ever!

Talk with your family about their favorite foods, hobbies, toys, amusement park activities, restaurants, etc.

Encourage them to name one thing from their list of favorites that they wish they could do every day instead of once in a while or on special occasions.

Allow each person to share why they chose what they did. After each person shares, read Psalm 84:10.

The Psalmist knew it was better to spend one day in service to the Lord than a thousand doing anything else. We all picked some fun things to add to our pretend daily routines, but we need to remember that following Jesus every day is way better than any other “favorite” thing we could come up with.


Just Do It!

Read Deuteronomy 6:4-9 together. Encourage family members to identify the various postures used in these verses (sitting, standing, lying down, walking).

Can you think of an activity that does not require one of those postures in some form or another? Allow time for discussion and brainstorming to identify something that might fit.

It’s hard to find an activity that doesn’t include sitting, standing, walking, or lying down. I think that wording was used on purpose. God told Moses to remind the people to talk about His Word and teachings when they did those things. So, basically God was saying to do so all the time. No matter what you are doing, talk about the Lord and what He teaches in His Word. Make it part of your everyday living. Just do it!

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