Items Needed: a piece of copy or construction paper for each child

Tear a simple picture (a tree, a fish, a house, etc.) from the paper. Give each child a piece of copy or construction paper and ask them to follow your example by tearing their paper so it looks as much like yours as possible. When finished, ask them to hold up their ‘creations’ for all to see.

Does your creation look like the example? Why or why not?

What is an example? (a sample or pattern to be imitated; something to follow, etc.)

Can people be an example? Why or why not? 

Paul told Timothy to be an example to other believers. We can do good works and be an example to others.

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Teach your child a skill that you know but they might not yet know.

Some ideasHow to:

  • Stand on your head
  • Eat an Oreo the correct way
  • Sew on a button
  • Dribble a basketball
  • Catch a fish
  • Play a new game (one you learned as a kid)

If you wanted to be an example and show someone else how to ______, what would you need to do? (you would need to know how to do it yourself)

Before we can be an example to others, we must first know how to live godly and be doing it ourselves.

How can we know how to live a godly life? (read the Bible, follow Jesus’ example, etc.)

Jesus left us a good example to follow. Read Acts 10:38. What did Jesus do? (went around doing good)

What are some things He did that are an example to us? (He loved others; He was kind to kids; He obeyed His parents; He prayed; He went to the synagogue/place of worship; He helped others; etc.)

Thank you….

Students began learning 1Timothy 4:12 which lists five ways to be an example:

  1. words I say
  2. things I do
  3. love
  4. faith
  5. purity

Invite kids to make up motions (words –point to mouth; love- hug oneself; etc.) as they say the words. Ask a child to choose one of the ways (love, for example) and then all should say the verse by doing the motion (hugging oneself) without saying that word. Keep choosing a different word until you are saying the verse with the five motions instead of the five words.

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