Splinks for the week of March 8-14, 2020

Picture Talk

Gather magazines, newspapers, sale advertisements, catalogues, and scissors. Challenge your family to find pictures and symbols that communicate one of the following sentences:

There is a monkey on the table next to Dad’s side of the bed.

Look for a rhinoceros under the cushion on the couch.

Work together to attempt to create that message using only pictures and symbols you gather or create. Once you have created it, consider taking a picture to text to grandparents or friends for them to decipher the message.

Then tell the kids to go look on the table (or under the cushion) for a surprise instead of an animal. It could be a clue or announcement about a special treat or an actual treat. (Just don’t forget to hide the surprise before starting the activity.)

What could we have done to make it easier for Grandpa to understand the message? Did he get it correct using only the pictures we sent? (We could have used words to make it clearer.) If we really wanted Grandpa to know that message and it wasn’t just a fun activity, we would not have used only pictures.

The message of God’s love is something we need to do our best to share with others. Let’s pray together now for God to give us great opportunities to faithfully share His message this week.

Too Good NOT to Share

Items Needed: A candy bar, ice cream bar, or food “treat” for each person in the family

As your family is sitting around watching TV or hanging out, open a candy bar (or other treat) and start eating it in front of your kids. (Oooh and aaah about how good it tastes.) If they ask you for a bite, simply reply, “I wish you could taste how good this is!” Do not share the candy with them.

How did you feel when I ate the candy bar and didn’t share any with you? (Left out; disappointed; sad; hungry for one; etc.)

God wants us to share the good news about Jesus with others so they can have forgiveness and go to Heaven.

How could not sharing the candy be like not sharing the good news about Jesus with others? (If we don’t share God’s love and peace with others, they may feel sad. Others will never know how to go to Heaven if we don’t share this good news with them.)

How can you share the good news about Jesus with others? (Share a testimony of how you prayed to receive Jesus; invite them to church; share a tract with them; invite them a special Christian concert or event; etc.)

Encourage your kids to be bold—tell them it’s not like you’re asking these people to go to the dentist with you. You are sharing the best news in the world! (Praying for and with your child can be another way for them to gain courage.)

Don’t forget to pass out the treat!

Stand United

Read John 1:12

Who are we to receive? (Jesus!)

What will happen to those who receive Jesus, those who believe in Him? (Become part of God’s family)

It is only by God’s power and goodness that we can actually be part of His family. When we believe in Jesus, His death and resurrection, God gives us the power to be united with Him. If we are connected to God, we are also connected to all other believers (1 John 1:7). As we work together, we can share God’s message and build His church.

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