Splink 1:

Get Rid of It

Share an object lesson about sin and the guilt that comes with it. Ask a family member to put on a backpack.

Sin is like a weight. Hold up a book and put it in the backpack. What is sin? (Breaking God’s rules)

 What are some sins kids your age might do? (Lying; stealing; disobeying parents; taking God’s name in vain; coveting; etc.) As each sin is named, put an item/book in the backpack.

Do you think you could carry that heavy backpack around with you all day, every day? It would be very hard to play, run, sleep, shower, do anything…carrying the big weight around.

Read 1 John 1:9. How can we get rid of our heavy weight of guilt and sin? When we confess our sin to God, He forgives us and takes it away. We don’t have to carry that guilt or sin ever again.

Splink 2:

How High?

At bedtime or when you have a chance to talk, ask your child, How do you feel when you sin? What does God think about your sin?

Read Psalm 103:8-14.

Sometimes we are ashamed to tell God when we do wrong because we think He will be mad at us. God understands us and loves us even when we do wrong. A correct view of God leads to a correct view of ourselves and our sin.

Splink 3:

Real Love

Celebrate Valentine’s Day! Because of God’s love, we no longer have to feel guilty or be punished for our sin when we confess and repent of it. Instead, we can have a clean heart and a home in Heaven. What a reason to celebrate!

Depending on the ages of your kids, here are a few ideas they might enjoy.

  • Add a special surprise (note, heart-shaped food, candy) in their lunch.
  • Follow cut-out hearts (or candy hearts) to find a small gift.
  • Eat red or pink food for dinner.
  • Make a plan to stay up late on Friday night and play games and camp out in the living room together.
  • Write a note telling why you love them!

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