I Spy

Go on a nature scavenger hunt. Make a list of items that kids will need to find (rock bigger than your hand, three kinds of leaves, two insects, flower, worm, piece of bark, blade of grass two inches long, feather, a weed, a mushroom, a shell, etc.).

Optional: Make a list of items and ask kids to take a digital picture of it to show – include clouds, stream of water, tree, etc.

Do you think all these things just evolved? NO!

Read Genesis 1:1.

 God planned and created everything that exists. He is a wise and powerful creator!

What’s That?

Let each person in the family create something – draw a picture, make clay animals, build something with blocks or Lego’s, etc.

Show the “creations” and let each one tell about it. Praise each child for something specific about their handiwork (work of their hands).

Read Psalm 19:1 (The heavens declare the glory of God; And the skies show His handiwork.)


What is God’s handiwork? (the heavens, the skies, the universe- all of creation)

God created the world out of nothing! He made an amazing world for us to enjoy. He deserves our praise! Let each person think of one thing that they are glad God made and say it aloud as praise to God.

For more online ideas/games on creation, go to: www.akidsheart.com/bible/ot/creation.htm

Kids can design the creation scene one day at a time.

Praise Him!

Items Needed: construction or copy paper, markers, stickers, yarn, tape, etc.

Make a praise banner. Encourage everyone to think of things God has created and make a banner to thank Him.

Cut the construction paper into pennant shapes or just leave them as whole pieces. Ask each one to draw a picture of something they are glad God created and write thank you beside it. They can draw other pictures on other pieces of paper so there will be more to see. Tape the pictures to the yarn and hang it up for all to see! Play some praise music while you are creating your banner.

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