Splink 1:


While you are driving, ask the kids to look for any warning signs. (Railroad crossing sign; Construction Ahead; Slow: Children Playing; etc.)

Why do they put up warning signs? (To keep us from getting hurt; to help us know what to do; etc.)

How did God warn the people before He judged the world with a flood? (He sent Noah to tell them He was going to destroy the world by a flood; He had Noah build an ark; He instructed Noah to preach for many years before the flood; etc.)

Where does God give us warnings? (In the Bible)

Why do we need to pay attention to God’s warnings? (So we will know what to do; so we will do what is best; so we will escape God’s punishment for sin, etc.)
God warned the people through Noah to escape the punishment for sin by coming into the ark, but they would not listen. Even when God has to judge sin, He is still merciful and kind.

Splink 2:

Gift of Grace

To illustrate the concept of grace, give your kids (together or individually) a small gift—maybe even when they are least deserving of it. Optional: Prepare a special treat and offer it to each one.

What did you have to do to get the gift? (Take it; receive it; etc.)

What were the two choices you could make with the gift? (Take it or refuse it)

Grace is God’s kindness to us even when we don’t deserve it. God did not want any to die in the flood, but wanted all people to repent (2 Peter 3:9). God gives His grace to all people, but not all people receive His grace. Some people ignore God or refuse His kindness. God wants all people to come to Him, but He will not make them. 

Splink: 3

Gracious God

Students are learning Psalm 145:8 to know more about God.

Read the verse together. (Go to www.biblegateway.com to find the version your child uses in class.)

What four things does this tell us about God? (He is gracious, full of compassion, slow to anger, full of mercy and/or steadfast love—depending on the translation you use)

Write each of the four things on an index card or piece of paper. Scramble the cards (or papers) and see how quickly the kids can put them in the correct order. Do this several times and say the verse together after they are placed in the correct order.

God is merciful and full of love for us!

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