Splink 1:

As you are cooking dinner, choose some kitchen items your kids might not recognize (potato masher; grapefruit knife; melon baller; strawberry huller; garlic press; apple corer; etc.) and play a game to see how many they can identify. To add to the mystery, put them under a dishcloth and uncover each item one at a time.

Each item has a specific purpose. The person who created it made it to do a special job. God created Moses to do a special job—to lead His people out of slavery. What a big job! Moses didn’t think he could do it, but promised to help him. God has a special job for you! The best way to find your purpose is to follow God every day and He will lead you to the special opportunities He has for you.

Splink 2:

Play the “Excuses Game” (a good game to play while riding in the car). The first person should give a command (put on your shoes; take the dog outside; take out the trash; do your homework; clean your room; etc.). Everyone else must think of an excuse why you CAN’T do it. The more outlandish the better!


Why do we give excuses? (Because we don’t want to do it; we don’t think we can do it; we’re afraid; etc.)

God met Moses at a burning bush and laid out a plan for Moses. God wanted Moses to go to Pharaoh and tell him to free the Israelites from slavery.  

What did Moses do? What are some of the excuses Moses gave?

(I can’t do this; I doubt if anyone will listen to me; I’m not good at talking to others; please send someone else to do it.)

Even though Moses made excuses, he finally said yes to God’s plan.

Splink: 3

God was NOT asking Moses to do something he could not do. God was going with him and would help Him. God may ask us to do hard things, but He will help us.

At bedtime, ask:

What is something God has told you to do that you think you can’t do?

Read God’s words to Moses’ excuses with your child.

Moses’ excuses                               God’s words to him

I can’t do this                                     I will be with you.

I doubt if anyone will listen to me     Tell them that I have sent you.

I’m not good at talking to others       I will help you know what to say.

please send someone else to do it   I will send a helper to go with you.

Pray and work together on one thing (sharing Christ with a friend; obeying Mom right away; forgiving a friend; being kind to a sibling; etc.). Talk about the progress each night at bedtime. Continue to pray about it and ask for God’s help to say yes to what God wants.

PS—Share your own struggle to do a hard thing God is asking you to do. Without God’s help, none of us can do all that God has instructed us to do.

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