Treasure Hunt

This week your child learned about dinosaurs. Discuss with your child how scientists have discovered dinosaur bones. Explain to your child that what scientists have discovered lines up with the Bible and proves that dinosaurs are real. Talk about the different kinds of dinosaurs and what unique and awesome creatures God made.

Plan a fun adventure for your child. Find a sandbox, or put sand, dirt, or rice in a plastic container. Bury different treasures, like cool rocks, snacks in a bag, small toys, or colorful beads. Have your child dig in the sand, dirt, or rice to find the buried treasures.

Field Trip

Continue your family discussion on dinosaurs by taking a family trip to the zoo. Many zoos offer virtual tours as well. While you are exploring and observing, talk with your child about the uniqueness of each animal. Remind your child that God made every animal to survive in his or her habitat and fit into the food chain. Talk together about why the different animals are interesting. All of creation points toward its Creator and brings glory to God. In the same way, our lives should point toward our Creator and bring Him honor and glory.

Fun Fossils

Gather some clay or play dough, a few plastic animals, and some items from nature to begin a fun fossil activity with your child. Direct your child to knead the clay or play dough and roll it out flat. Lay out the plastic animals and the items you gathered from nature. Allow your child to choose a few to press into the clay.

Talk to your child about how God created dinosaurs on the sixth day of Creation when he made all the other animals. Read a few verses from the Bible that describe the dinosaurs God created (Job 40:15; Job 41:1, 12). Close your time together by exploring the following websites together:

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