Beauty of God’s Holiness

Ask everyone to go outside and bring back one rock. Lay them on the table. Then place a diamond or fine gem (a diamond ring or beautiful piece of jewelry will work) on the table.

Ask, Is there one item that seems different than the rest? (The diamond, of course.) Yes, this diamond is very valuable. A diamond is in a different classification than the rocks we find in our yard. It is separate from these rocks. It is clear and beautiful. It is valuable. This reminds me of one of God’s characteristics—God’s holiness.

What does it mean to be holy? (To be without sin; to be perfect; God is different from us—we have sin, He doesn’t; etc.)

God is holy. He is without sin. He is different from us. We have sin. We do wrong things, but God never sins. Because He is holy and has no evil in Him, we can trust Him to always do what is right.

Describe God

As we begin this month of studying God’s characteristics, ask your kids to describe God. What is God like? This will help you understand more of their thinking.

The best way we can know about God is through the Bible, God’s Words to us. Read some verses about God’s holiness. Better yet, let the kids help you look up and read these verses: 1 Samuel 2:2, Isaiah 5:16, and Psalm 99.

Worship Our Holy God

Ask one of the older kids to pick his/her favorite worship song and lead the others in singing it at the dinner table (or play it while all listen). Or find a hymnal and teach the family one of the great old hymns that you loved as a child. Sing it every night this week as the blessing for the meal and as worship to God.

Read a picture of heaven praising God in Revelation 4:8-11. God is holy and deserves our best worship! There is no one like Him!

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