Splink 1:

What’s in a Name?

Guess a person’s name by asking questions about his/her identity. Write the names of several people (family, friends, even famous people) on slips of paper. Take turns letting each family member choose one. Then ask questions that can only be answered with a yes or no (Similar to popular game, Hedbanz).

How were you able to figure out a person’s name? (By learning certain characteristics about them; by asking questions about what they look like or do; etc.)

When you hear a certain person’s name, you can tell a lot about that person. This week begins our study of the names of God. The first name is Lord. Every name we learn about Him will help us to understand and honor Him more.

Splink 2:

Hit the Mark and Honor God

Items Needed: Paper plates or sheets of paper; small ball or stuffed animal; marker or pen

Since Jesus is Lord and the one true God, how should we honor Him? (To honor something or someone is to treat it with special care.)

Brainstorm ways to honor God and treat Him, His name, and His house with special care.

Some ideas:

  • Give Him first place.
  • Only use His name when praying or speaking in a right way, never as a curse word.
  • Don’t throw trash on the ground at church.
  • Keep Sunday as a special day of worship.
  • Think of ways to please Him.
  • Tell others about Him.

Write each one on a paper plate or piece of paper as the kids think of it. Tape these in a random order on a wall. Then take turns trying to hit one of them. As each one is hit, cheer and say it aloud. Keep them on the wall for a few days and read them all aloud periodically.

Splink: 3

One True God

Students began learning Isaiah 45:5a. Read Isaiah 45:5-7 to find out more important things about God. (Ask them to listen for clues about God as you read it.)

Go outside and write the words of the verse in a random order on the sidewalk with chalk. Then take turns jumping from one word to the next and saying each word aloud as you jump on it. Don’t forget to include the Bible reference (Isaiah 45:5a).

Review the verse together as a family. Write it out and post it on the fridge. Say it every day.

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