Grand Galaxy

The Bible does not agree with the Big Bang Theory. Some people believe an accidental explosion created the whole universe. When we read about Creation in the Bible and look around at the world, there is plenty of evidence pointing to an intentional Creator.

Spend some time making a galaxy with your child. Take a Mason jar, add water until it is about a third of the way full, and then stir in a few drops of acrylic paint and some glitter. Next, stretch out some cotton balls and drop them in the bottom of the Mason jar. (You might have to push them with a stick or knife to make them sink.) Continue to layer the galaxy with different paint colors, glitter, and cotton wisps until the jar is full.

Close your craft time in prayer, thanking God for His power and His many creations.

Calling All Superheroes!

Over dinner, ask your children the following questions:

If you could have any superpower, what power would you like to have?

Why would you like to have that power?

How would you use your power to help others?

Superheroes and super powers are just pretend, make-believe stories. But God is real, and His power has no limit. God made the entire universe and everything in it. We can praise God for His power as we look at His amazing creations.

How do you see God’s power in your own life? (He answers our prayers; He forgives our sin; He provides what we need; He gives us eternal life; etc.) Nothing compares to the power of God!

Strong Man Contest

Hold a contest to see who is the strongest! (The following are some actual strong man contests that are held. Adapt these for a fun time with your family.)

Log Throw: (A 5 meter log is thrown for distance.) See how far you can throw Lincoln Logs or Tinker Toys.

Truck or Airplane Pull: (Vehicles such as transport trucks, boxcars, buses, or planes are pulled across a 100 ft. course by hand as fast as possible.) Pull a wagon across the yard as quickly as possible.

Carry and Drag: (An anchor and a chain are carried to the end of a set distance where they must be attached to each other and then dragged back the same distance.) Carry a dog leash and a giant stuffed animal to the end of a set distance, hook the two together, and drag them back as fast as possible.

Tug of War: Pair up children and use a rope (or a towel if a rope isn’t available) to see who’s the strongest.

The strongest man in the world is not as strong as God! There are things that only God can do and we need to rely on Him to help us.

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