King (or Queen) for a Day

Make homemade crowns from poster board (or ask for some from Burger King) and decorate them with fake jewels, stickers, feathers, glitter, or any suitable items.

While you’re decorating, ask:

What is a king? (The person in charge of a country.)

What makes a good king? (He makes good decisions; he cares about the people in his care; he works hard to make sure he’s fair; etc.)

How is God like a good king? (He is in charge of the world; He rules the universe with fairness; He cares about the people in the world; etc.)

Read 2 Chronicles 20:6.

What does this verse tell us about God? (He rules over all the kingdoms of the earth; He is powerful and mighty; no one is as powerful as Him; etc.)

God is a good Sovereign who rules the world with justice.

Choose one person to be King for the Day and let he/she make some good choices for the family (what to eat; what to do; settle disputes; etc.).

Someone in Charge

After a delicious meal (hopefully one that most of the family enjoyed), ask:
What did you enjoy about the meal?

What would you like to say to the chef who took the time to prepare and serve this meal to you?

What would it be like if each person had to think about dinner every day and each one had to go to the store and buy the ingredients, bring it home, and prepare it?

It’s good to have someone in charge of the meals! Mom (or Dad) is a fine chef who cooks things that are good for us and takes care to prepare and serve them.

It’s good to have Someone in charge of the universe. God planned and created the universe. He is a good Sovereign King who rules over us. He is very wise and wants what is best for us. Even though we don’t always do what is right, He is so powerful that He can take even the bad things that happen and turn them around for good! It is important that we thank Him and honor what He does for us every day.

Who’s the Boss?

Play a game to illustrate one person in charge of the others. Cut a small slip of paper (2-inch square is good) for each child and write the word “boss” on one piece. Fold them in half and put them all in a bag. Gather the family in a circle so they can all see each other.

Each one should pick a slip of paper (do not let anyone see or tell anyone about it). The one who is the boss must “fire” the other players by discreetly winking at them—one at a time. Once a player has been “fired” he should wait a second or two and then throw his slip in the middle and say, “I’m fired.” The other players are trying to find out and guess who is the “boss.” If the others guess wrong, they are out of the game. If someone is right, he wins. If no one guesses and all have been “fired,” collect the slips and put them back in the bag for a new round.

Talk about it:

What does a boss do? (A boss is in charge of a company or group of people; he/she makes important decisions; the boss has the authority to hire and fire an employee; the employees must follow the boss’ instructions; etc.)

How is God like a good boss? (He is in charge of us; He helps us. He gives us instructions to obey. His way is always best for us.)

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